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Zanzibar Watching The Sunset

ndeed Watching The Sunset Zanzibar Spice Beach Holidays Islands. Zanzibar is also synonymous with stunning red sunsets … and there are a number of unique locations to experience them.

Indeed Watching The Sunset Zanzibar Spice Beach Holidays Islands. Contrary to what many people may think prior to arrival, Stone Town is likely to be the most spectacular place on the island to witness the last light of day and more specifically, the Africa House Hotel. Luxurious in decoration and with a clear view of the horizon, the Sunset Lounge Balcony at the back of this unassuming hotel has a vibrant atmosphere, comfortable seating areas and the ultimate vantage point from which to watch the sun go down.

Another great alternative for catching the sunset or sunrise in Stone Town is to choose a lodge or hotel that provides access to a terrace on the top of the building.

That being said, the northern beaches of Nungwi and Kendwa are also ideal in that they both face in a westerly direction. Comfortable hammocks on the front of the bar at Sunset Kendwa (also known as the Sundet Bungalows Hotel) are perfect for enjoying sunset cocktails at Kendwa Beach while you can usually have the soft sands to yourself on the most southerly of the two beaches in Nungwi.

Alternatively, for a small fee, you can take a sunset cruise on a traditional Dhow sailing boat which comes with a fully stocked bar. Long stretches of sand on one side, and a red sun falling over the Indian Ocean to the west with nothing to obstruct the view; taking a sunset cruise is the ultimate way to watch the sun go down on Zanzibar.

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