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Zanzibar Giant Turtles

Zanzibar Islands White Sandy Beach Resort Holidays Safaris. Indeed Giant Turtles on Prison Island Zanzibar Historical Holiday. In fact Prison Island is a must-see Zanzibar attraction. The Island lies north-west of South town.

The Island is notably markedly with wonderful coral areas.  In other words the Island is area of snorkel. However, the real enticements are the huge turtles. Moreover, not only that attracts but also a highly engrossing Slave Trade Museum.

Important to realize is that waters are some of the clearest anywhere in the Islands. That is to say there is every chance to spot many pools of dolphins. In other words dolphins inhabit this part of the Indian Ocean.

As long as you are gentle and peaceful is perfect. In other words you are fine to touch turtles. Moreover, you are perfect to interact with these gentle giants. Additionally, some of them are more than 180 years old.

Generally, there are many other things to do in these Islands. That is to mention Spice Plantation and day trip toJozan NP

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