Serengeti National Parks 

Indeed The Serengeti, Northern Tanzania National Park is the wildebeest migration safaris park. As a matter of fact Serengeti National Park is notably at the center the larger Serengeti Ecosystem. In other words the park is defined by the land occupied by the yearly migration.  Moreover, the site is adjoining with Ngorongoro Conservation Area. However, it is a land of 528,000ha stated a World Heritage Site in 1979. Truly Serengeti is a paradise of Wild gnus. Indeed wildebeest herds gather in this endless plain. That is to say are gathering for annual migration.

Certainly Africa’s daintiness of Safari is well revealed at The Serengeti, Northern Tanzania National Park. Surely, 1.5 millions of wild gnus and myriads of bovid and zebras pour across the plain. In other words the magnificence of Savannah makes Serengeti bizarre for game view. That is to say it makes it possible to view lions hunting since you can plainly spot the sight.

Important to realize is that The Serengeti, Northern Tanzania National Park was established in 1952. It boasts the greatest wildlife sight on earth. Indeed, the World’s huge single movement of wild animals. The retinue of predators counts lions and cheetahs are really imposing. Moreover, other animals are elephants, giraffe and a variety of species.

Serengeti Wildebeest Migration Safaris Northern Tanzania Parks

The Serengeti, Northern Tanzania National Park can be classified into three sections. Firstly, is the well-known Southern/Central unit, (Seronera Valley). To clarify, this is what named by Maasai people the “serengit”. Notably the name means land of endless plains. However, the plain is marked with acacia but also full of wildlife.

The Western Corridor area is the second unit. In fact this is the unit which is featured by the Grumeti River. Moreover, it is also characterized by woodlands as well as thick bush. Lastly unit is  the North Lobo area.  Indeed, this is the section which stretches up to Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya. Important to know is that this is the least visited unit in Serengeti.

Important to realize is that Serengeti Park is packed with various kind of accommodations. In fact are ranging from mobile camps that are worth staying. This is due to the fact that wildlife concentrates is certain parts of the park. Surely this is determined by the time of the year. That is to say dry season and rain time. In fact the great time to go is notably from December-June. However, you can never be wrong to be there any time of the year.  A hot-air balloon ride at dawn is a truly superb experience.