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Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park The World’s Wildlife Capital Nairobi City. Indeed Nairobi National Park is just within a short drive from Nairobi’s central business district. Certainly the clear grass plains and not only that but also the setting of the city in particular the scrapers and sparsely acacia bush impact great experience to visitors.

Moreover the acacia bush is notably play great role as to inhabit a wide variety of wildlife. Surely it hosts the threatened black rhino not only that but also other animals that includes lions, leopards as well as cheetahs. In addition other animal are hyenas, buffaloes but also giraffes.  As the matter of fact the park has also the diverse of birdlife with more than 400 species.

Nairobi National Park

With attention to Black Rhino, Nairobi National Park is notably amongst Kenya’s most fruitful Black Rhino sanctuary. However the park is not only the host of Rhino but also it experiences its own wildebeest migration. Furthermore Nairobi National Park is also markedly park as it holds over 400 species of birds.

Nairobi National Park The World’s Wildlife Capital Nairobi City. With this in mind, guests can enjoy the park picnic site not only that but also the three notably campsite and also the expressively but also markedly trails for hikers

Most important to realize is that all these packages that the park has to offer are within the Kenya’s busy capital city, Nairobi. To put it another way that is to say the walking trails gives visitors inasmuch as opportunities to enjoy the Africa bush at its greatest.

Key features


In general animals that are located in the park include buffalo. giraffe together with lion. Not to mention other animal such as leopard baboon as well as zebra. Mush be remembered that the park it also has wildebeest and notable an elusively cheetah. With attention to birders the park boasts over 400 species of birds.

Best Time To Go: Notably Year-round (migration is July/August)

Where to Stay: In fact you can stay anywhere in Nairobi

How To Get There: Mainly by road, it’s less than 5 miles from the city center.

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