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More Things On Spice Island Zanzibar Beach Holidays

More Things On Spice Island Zanzibar Island Beach Holidays . Fresh nutmeg from a Zanzibar spice plantation The Mrembo Spa in Stone Town

Spice Plantation Tour

More Things On Spice Island Zanzibar Island Beach Holidays . A Spice Tour is something that a lot of visitors decide to skip in favor with more beach time. But the Spice Islands are still overflowing with, erm, spice and a tour of a local plantation is a great way to see how Zanzibar became an important stop on the trade routes from the 18th century.

Spices still grown on the island include cloves, vanilla, green pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon. Most tours include lunch along with an opportunity to sample the produce.  Plantations between Stone Town and the north beaches can be used as a good stopover point.  Allow 1-2 hours for your visit.  Colours of Zanzibar offer tours for c. USD20-30 per person

Mrembo Spa in Stone Town

Stone Town is not usually associated with Spa treatment but if you visit Mrembo Spa in the heart of the town, it’s likely you’ll change your preconceptions.

Although several massage shops find themselves along Gizenga Street, the number one place to go for a massage, pedicure, manicure and any type of cure, is Mrembo Spa on Cathedral Street. Narrow and confusing alleyways can make it difficult to find, but your perseverance will be rewarded.

Several smiling ladies are always adorning the small opening to this wonderful place and, as you step inside, the instant aroma is sure to convince you that you yourself will end up leaving the treatment behind with a huge smile.

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