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Mahale Mountains National Park Western Tanzania

Mahale Mountains National Park Western Tanzania Chimps Park. First thing to remember is that tracking the Chimps in Mahale is a notably inasmuch as a uniquely magical experience.

As an illustration Mahale Park is situated in the Western Tanzania. That is to say Mahale Park is bordering Lake Tanganyika the World’s longest and second deepest not only that but also  least polluted freshwater lake. As a matter of fact the lake is harboring an approximated 1000 fish species.

Important to realize is that Mahale National Park was a notably research base for some eras ago. In other wards a crew of Japanese anthropologists made Mahale their significantly research base for some eras ago.  Not to mention the beautiful clear water f Lake Tanganyika and not only that but also the clear draw of the Chimps, for one thing to know Mahale was not a recognized traveler destination.

Provided that the park has about 1000 chimps, also there are other monkeys to view of course counting the red colobus but also yellow baboons.

Tourist Attractions

Mahale Mountains National Park Western Tanzania Chimps Park On the other hand Mahale is enticement includes Chimpanzees but also Chain of Mountains. Furthermore animals such as Angola colobus and red colobus together with red-tailed monkeys as well as blue monkeys are also located in the park. Must be remembered that forest birds , Alpine bamboo and montane rain forest are also the expressively features of the park.

Another key point is the beach along the Lake Tanganyika not to mention local fishermen as well as a markedly Sunset on the Lake Horizon.

To point out the best time to visit Mahale Park is notably throughout the dry season that is from May to October. Important to realize is that a visit in Mahale is indeed joint by at least a few nights in Katavi Park. Generally speaking Mahale is certainly linked by chartered aircraft to Dar es Salaam and Arusha but  also Kigoma regions.

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