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Mafia Island Marine Park Tanzania

I n the first place to know is that Mafia Island Marine Park Tanzania is a uniquely undiscovered jewel. As a result the Island receives less than 1000 visitors year-round. For this reason Mafia Island Marine Park Tanzania still has expressively inasmuch as ironic past not only that but also a strong Swahili culture unchanged by travel.For this reason Mafia Island in East Coast Safaris/Tours Indian Ocean Beach Holidays is the best place to be.

Marine Park Tanzania

In the same fashion much of the Island together with its lovely beaches has been chosen as Marine Park. Another key point is that the Island is one of the greatest seats to deep-sea fish so as to dive and also snorkel in Africa. This is to say you can timepiece whale shanks as much as turtles together with other inspiring species of wildlife.

Additionally the Mafia Island Marine Park Tanzania is markedly with half dozen of boutique hotels not to mention a friendly but also notably resorts to stay.

Important to realize is that you can access the Island by plane from Dar es Salaam.  As a matter of fact Coastal Aviation has frequently scheduled flights.

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