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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy A Black Rhino/Sitatunga Reserve

The first thing to recall is that Lewa Wildlife Conservancy A Black Rhino/Sitatunga Reserve is notably private sanctuary in Kenya. In other words Lewa Conservancy is a private sanctuary.  Moreover, is chiefly set aside to defend Black Rhinos. Not only that but also Sitatunga as well as threatened Grevy’s Zebra.

Truly Lewa Wildlife Conservancy A Black Rhino/Sitatunga Reserve is outstandingly upheld In fact is the well-known park in Kenya. That is to say there are above 60 species of mammals together with over 200 species of uniquely birds.  Above all you can enjoy your game driving on foot while sitting on the back of Camel or even in a traditional Safari Vehicle.

The black rhino

First thing to remember is that the reserve started with only 15 Black Rhino in 1984. Another key point it is that by then it was known as Ngare Sengoi Rhino Sanctuary. With attention and because of its important Lewa’s population has since risen steadily.  To put it differently this has made the Conservancy the pioneer rhino conservation success particularly Kenya but also East Africa.

 Uniquely Grevy’s zebra

With this in mind Lewa represent a markedly proportion of Grevy’s Zebra. This is due to the fact that the sanctuary has over 300 resident Grevy’s Zebra. In fact Grevy’s zebra are taller compared to plains zebra. To put it another way is that they have large rounded ears but also thin and elegant stripes. Furthermore they do have a wide black stripe which runs the length of their back. Besides that have also a conspicuously white belly and rump.

Best Time To Go: Notably January – April and also June – October

Where to Stay: Important to realize is that there are several lodges in the park. However there are also some on community land outside the park.

Getting There: By means of air from Nairobi on Safari Link.

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