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Lemosho Route

One of the most scenic trekking Kilimanjaro route, is the Lemosho route. The route offers panoramic vistas on different sides of the mountain. Indeed, Lemosho is the ideally choice for your climb. In fact, it is our preferred route due to its perfect level of low population.

On top of that the Lemosho route has beautiful scenery and a high summit success rate. Most of our clients climb Kilimanjaro using this route and they consistently report that they loved it. Thus, the Lemosho route is highly recommended.

The Lemosho route approaches Mount Kilimanjaro from the west. Its beginning with a long drive from Moshi/Arusha to Londorossi Gate. From there, the first two days are spent trekking through the rain forest to Shira Ridge. The route crosses the intact Shira Plateau from west to east in a pleasant, relatively flat hike. Crowds are low until the route joins the Machame route near Lava Tower. Then the Lemosho route traverses underneath Mount Kilimanjaro’s Southern Ice Field on a path known as the Southern Circuit before summiting from Barafu. Descent is made via the Mweka route.

We always offer the  Lemosho route as an 8-sday group ascent or as a 7-days to 8-days private hike. The 7-days difference combines days five and six, going from Barranco Camp to Barafu Camp without staying at Karanga camp. A 9-day variation that includes an overnight at Crater Camp is available as a private climb by special request.

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