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Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park A Lovely Wildlife Paradise Park. Not to mention, the Lake Nakuru is well noted for its huge gathers of flamingos the flourishes in the alkaline water of this shallow soda lake. Other than flamingos of course together with other several different species of birds, the park is notably to be the household to uniquely White Rhino, then Warthog as well as Giraffes.  Furthermore, are Hippo, Ostrich but also lion.

With attention to environment impacts, The Lake Nakuru is most compelling evidence to one of the gradually improving from some environmental pressures which in fact is the one that triggered its flamingo’s inhabitants to decline in the 1990s.

Lake Nakuru National Park A Lovely Wildlife Paradise Park. Markedly A Lovely Wildlife Paradise”

In other words  Lake Nakuru  is magnificently lies on the floor of Great Rift Valley, enclosed by wooded and not only that but also bushy grassland.

As an illustrations visitors can experience a wonderful game viewing over this marvelous most noteworthy  wide ecological diversity and not only that but also a varied habitats with attention from Lake Nakurru itself all over to the surrounding  escarpment and picturesque  ridges.

Under those circumstances, Lake Nakuru National Park is the perfect and most worthy site for bird watching not to mention hiking, picnic but also game drives

Lake Nakuru National Park A Lovely Wildlife Paradise Park

Best Time To Go: Notably Year-round

Where to Stay: Though there are two main lodges but also there are several public and private campsites in the park.

Getting There: Specifically by road from Nairobi (3 hour drive).

Important to realize is that the park has the tar road connection with Nairobi. That is to say there is a distance of about 156 km North West of Nairobi. However, the most common used road into the park is through the Mara gate

Additionally, it is also possible to reach the park from the main Nairobi Nakuru road at Lanet gate.  By the same token the Ndent gate is also used especially by those who access from Maasain Mara but also those who are from Elementaita.

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