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Katavi National Park Western Tanzania

Tanzania Katavi National Park The Gorilla Tracking Safaris. For one thing to know is that Katavi National Park is wildlife abundantly. That is to say perhaps than any other destination in Africa. Indeed it is swarming with animals lovely and unchanged. However, the park experiences very few visitors. This is due to its distant location.

So long as you are searching for private safari this is an ideal palce to be. However, the park is limited to accommodation. In other words currently it has only two camps. Additionally the park is accessible only through Aircraft.

Important to realize is that the park is better all over dry season. That is from June to November. In fact at this time the pools are factually full to the ridge with as several as 3000 hippos. Also note by this time other parks in Northern Tanzaia are really populated

In particular, by this dry time is when the floodwaters retreat. As a result that is the time when Katave becomes alive.  With attention to Katuma, this time becomes shallow muddy trickle. In fact it forms the only source of drinking water for miles around.

Furthermore, approximately 4,000 elephants converge on the area. However, not only elephants but also retinue of 1,000plus buffaloes together with giraffes. Other animals are zebras, impalas and reedbucks. As a result makes easy hunting for predators like lions and hyenas. Experience all these by taking your Tanzania  safari with Reuel Travel.

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