Stone town tour in Zanzibar is an outstanding private guided walking tour, we can arrange the pickup from your hotel and return, it takes 3 hours walking tour whereby tourists will get opportunity to discover the historical sites and who are Zanzibar island people together with their daily activities. The tour can either commences at the house of wonders or near Darajani city Market. and covers all the historical areas and monuments.

Historical sites:
with your guide will be taken to the house of wonders (beit-el-ajaab) which is nowadays known as the National Museum of Zanzibar (rebuilt 1883),  the Arab fort which is also known as old fort, while you are passing along through bazaar streets you will go ahead towards the Feddie Mercury house, old slave market, various curio shps including the memories of Zanzibar, fruit market, spice market, etc.  Without forgetting the Zanzibar curved doors which are the ones that decorating the stone town,

This City tour is one among the hottest day tours in Zanzibar island, it is the only opportunity to discover the history and dilapidated buildings, cosmopolitan people and shopping.

Most of the curio shops are based in stone town whereby gift and souvenirs are found, doing the stone town/ city tour is the only change to buy for your loved ones, things like art-works, Zanzibar chests, spice and sculptors and are awaiting for you. it is very to common for the tourists to bargain to almost half price,
big shops have price-mount while for the small and not much fashioned curio shops stand with less expensive items, crystal  jewellery and sparkling elections are found in big shops including the memories of Zanzibar,

Old slave market / Anglican Cathedral:
After disgusting and humiliation business (slave trade) abolished on 1873, this slavery compound was changed to religious and social welfare premises, school, hospital and church were built. And for the lucky slaves on that date were the freed.

Guided walking tour with a professional guide, entrance fees to Old Slave Market Museum (Anglican Church) and People’s Palace Museum, water.

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