Discover the beautiful Zanzibar Islands with our full or half day cruises and enjoy picturesque sunset on our sundowner cruise

  1. V. AQUANA

The M.V. Aquana is a specially designed excursion yacht which provides many important features such as excellent shade, a private toilet, a sundeck, soild tables,comfortable seating, an embarkation platform and two walkaround decks for exciting yet comfortable fun-cruises. The boat is safety certified by the Zanzibar Mmartime Authority [ZMA] and insured by jubilee insurance compuny. It boats all and more than the mandatory safety equipment, two Mercedes engines, and reliable crew.


A small section of the island was used as a cementery in colonial times. Most of the graves belong to British sailors who were killed fighting Arab slave ship, and from world war 1 when the British ship pegasus was bombarded and sunk by the German battleship Konigsberg. There is also a small indigenous forest which is home to a colony of fruit bats, which every evening zoom off to the mainland in large numbers and for about a 100 species of birds.

The cruise to the island offers a rare opportunity to take photos of the picturesque shoreline of       Zanzibar and the old town from a sea to shore view.


This island was originally owned by Arab colonialists and used as a detention centre for disobedient slaves bythe British. After the abolition of slavery, a prison was built on the island. You can still see the remains which are now used as arestaursnt.

The highlights are the endangered giant tortoises now protected ina large sanctuary and the natural holes used by the colonials as swimming pools.


In the 1870s the first telegraph cables were brought ashore here, linking Zanzibar with the seychelles, Aden and South Africa. Due to this the island was a very important landmark and lifeline for Zanzibar.

An amazing white beach and superb marine life perfect for snorkeling around the island


Not an island as such, but an incredible beautiful sandbank. It is surrounded by crystal clear blue waters and ideal for a swim or relaxation in the all white fine coral sand.

One of the most unique places in Zanzibar to take extraordinary photos