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Gombe Stream National Park Tanzania

To clarify, Gombe Stream National Park Tanzania is a park for those wish to be off the beaten road to spot apes. In Fact it is the smallest park in Tanzania. However,

Gombe Stream National Park Tanzania is celebrated due to work of Jane Goodell. In detail she came in 1960 to study the chimps in Tanzania. As a result her work has become the longest consecutively social research program of its kind in the world.

Gombe Stream National Park features

Apart from other features the main feature of Gombe Stream National Park Tanzania is Chimpanzees in the wild. Just to mention other, there is over 200 bird species.

Thus there are birds such as barbets, starlings, and sunbirds. Additionally there are also crowned eagles, kingfishers together with the palm-nut vulture.

Hiking as well as swimming are other prevalent doings. Generally a trail leads into the woodland to a cascade in the valley.

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