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Full Moon Zanzibar Party At Kendwa Beach Rocks

ull Moon Zanzibar Party at Kendwa Beach Rocks. The Full Moon Party at Kendwa Rocks in Zanzibar Fire eaters at Zanzibar’s Full Moon Party

Welcome to Zanzibar, home to white sandy beaches, blue paradise like waters and … the Full Moon party.

Yes, that’s right, every month you can head to the North Beaches and experience the Full Moon party on Kendwa Rocks. Much smaller than its namesake in Thailand (Koh Phangan), the Full Moon party on Zanzibar is held on the beachfront of a well-known hotel in Kendwa Resort.  Although it charges a relatively steep entrance fee (35,000 shillings/$15), it is one of the best things to do in Zanzibar.

One of the nice things about this party is that it is very much a local affair.  It showcases some of the best local singers, DJs and acts in Tanzania, which brings a cultural feel to an exciting event.  With several bars, a main stage, a large dance floor, fire-eaters, acrobats and a huge outdoor section comprising of tables and chairs on sand, the party is just as much a local favorite as it is with the backpackers of tourists who may be visiting.

In fact, many Tanzanians come travel to Zanzibar from Dar es Salaam for the night.  And then there is the food afterward:

Kendwa Rocks has vendors inside who can make some delicious kebabs and handmade wood fired pizzas.

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