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Mount Kenya National Park

[fc id='1' align='left'][/fc] Mount Kenya National Park And Forest National Reserve In the first place you need to know that Mount Kenya National Park and Reserve is notably imposing extinct volcano not only that but it also dominating the landscape of the Kenya Highlands. As an illustration Mount Kenya rests around 140 km north, in [...]

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

[fc id='1' align='left'][/fc] Lewa Wildlife Conservancy A Black Rhino/Sitatunga Reserve The first thing to recall is that Lewa Wildlife Conservancy A Black Rhino/Sitatunga Reserve is notably private sanctuary in Kenya. In other words Lewa Conservancy is a private sanctuary.  Moreover, is chiefly set aside to defend Black Rhinos. Not only that but also Sitatunga as [...]

Tsavo National Parks

[fc id='1' align='left'][/fc] Tsavo National Parks Indeed Kenya Tsavo East And West National Park s The Safaris Parks. Important to realize is that, the Tsavo Park is divided into two. In other words it is divided into Tsavo Eas and Tsavo West. Another key point to note is that the parks are large. However, not only that [...]

Nairobi National Park

[fc id='1' align='left'][/fc] Nairobi National Park Nairobi National Park The World’s Wildlife Capital Nairobi City. Indeed Nairobi National Park is just within a short drive from Nairobi’s central business district. Certainly the clear grass plains and not only that but also the setting of the city in particular the scrapers and sparsely acacia bush impact great experience [...]

Zanzibar Giant Turtles

[fc id='1' align='left'][/fc] Zanzibar Giant Turtles Zanzibar Islands White Sandy Beach Resort Holidays Safaris. Indeed Giant Turtles on Prison Island Zanzibar Historical Holiday. In fact Prison Island is a must-see Zanzibar attraction. The Island lies north-west of South town. The Island is notably markedly with wonderful coral areas.  In other words the Island is area of snorkel. [...]

Zanzibar Watching The Sunset

[fc id='1' align='left'][/fc] Zanzibar Watching The Sunset ndeed Watching The Sunset Zanzibar Spice Beach Holidays Islands. Zanzibar is also synonymous with stunning red sunsets … and there are a number of unique locations to experience them. Indeed Watching The Sunset Zanzibar Spice Beach Holidays Islands. Contrary to what many people may think prior to arrival, Stone Town is likely [...]

Full Moon Zanzibar Party

[fc id='1' align='left'][/fc] Full Moon Zanzibar Party At Kendwa Beach Rocks ull Moon Zanzibar Party at Kendwa Beach Rocks. The Full Moon Party at Kendwa Rocks in Zanzibar Fire eaters at Zanzibar’s Full Moon Party Welcome to Zanzibar, home to white sandy beaches, blue paradise like waters and … the Full Moon party. Yes, that’s right, every [...]

More Things On Spice Island Zanzibar Beach Holidays

[fc id='1' align='left'][/fc] More Things On Spice Island Zanzibar Beach Holidays More Things On Spice Island Zanzibar Island Beach Holidays . Fresh nutmeg from a Zanzibar spice plantation The Mrembo Spa in Stone Town Spice Plantation Tour More Things On Spice Island Zanzibar Island Beach Holidays . A Spice Tour is something that a lot of visitors [...]

Lake Nakuru National Park

[fc id='1' align='left'][/fc] Lake Nakuru National Park Lake Nakuru National Park A Lovely Wildlife Paradise Park. Not to mention, the Lake Nakuru is well noted for its huge gathers of flamingos the flourishes in the alkaline water of this shallow soda lake. Other than flamingos of course together with other several different species of birds, [...]