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Amboseli National Park

The first thing to recall is that Amboseli National Park Give Stunning View of Mt Kilimanjaro Tanzania. In other words it is the reception of Mt Kilimanjaro for Kenya side.

Truly Ambosel National Park gives brilliant view of Mt. Kilimanjaro. In fact is the well-known park in Kenya.  This is due to its magnificent sight of Mt. Kilimanjaro. To clarify, the park is centered about observation hill. Certainly, the hill gives best sight of the Savannah below.

Important to realize is that the Masai ethnic group exists around the park. As a matter of fact Amboseli inhabits over 50 species of mammals.  Not only that but also over 400 species of birds. In other words in Amboseli you can spot animals such as elephants and cheetah. Moreover, you can see also hippo, leopard and much more.

Best Time To Go:  Notably from June – October?

Where to Stay: Not only there are several lodges but also campsites in the park.

Getting There: Either by road from Nairobi or thruogh flight from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport you can access the park.

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