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Aberdare National Park

Indeed, Aberdare National Park the home of Black Rhino in Kenya. However, the park is also celebrity due to its stunning cascades. Furthermore, the park is habitats to black rhino, leopard and bongo antelope. Additionally, the park is green year-round due to average rains that raining the park. That is to say also the temperatures are favorable for hiking.

Indeed Aberdare-national-park the home of Black Rhino in Kenya. Important to realize is that the park is scenic. This is due to the fact that is featured with enticing cascades, peaks and moorlands. Another key point to note is that the park is not only home to black rhino. However, it is also home to mammals such as elephants and buffaloes.  Nevertheless, it also inhabits spotted hyenas, olive baboons as well as white and black colobus monkeys.  Truly at reasonable and affordable price you are welcome to experience nature. In other words with Reuel Travel you can enjoy what Africa has to offer you. This is in particular East Africa.

Best Time To Go: Notably from May to October

Where to Stay: In fact Treetops and The Ark are two upscale lodges in the park. Moreover, there are also public and private campsites.

Getting There: Specifically by road from Nairobi (3-4 hours).

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